Semarang,; the issue of publishing an article or paper in the scientific journal among the scholars is getting more critical. It is not only because of university ranking for Undip as an institution but also for the authors which are in this case researchers and students. Another issue is that composing a scientific paper is very tiring, even for international students. Based on this condition Diponegoro International Office conducts International Students Writing Camp (ISWC 2020).

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ISWC 2020
The camp is held on Wednesday, February 26, 2020, at Ruang Sidang BAA. The camp opens by the director of Diponegoro International Office, Mr. Kartika Widya Utama. He says that it is important to facilitate this kind of activity to encourage the students, in this case, international students at Diponegoro University to write more scientific articles or papers. “I believe that this camp will affect our respected institution, in terms of publishing more scientific papers” he implied.

The first part of this camp was handled by professor Istadi. He is the head of the Integrated Laboratory of Undip and a full professor in Chemical Engineering. Istadi begins the session with the introduction to all participants then continues to introduce himself as a professor. Going deeper into the main material of the camp, he then elaborates to explain how to write a scientific paper. “The keys to publish the paper in the scientific journal are: new contributions, in-depth analysis
article structure, IMRAD (Introduction, Method, Result, and Discussion), Non-IMRAD (freestyle)” he added.

The second session is with the editor in chief of regional online newspaper, Mr. Widiyartono, SS. He explains in detail how to write in the several platforms i.e; blogs, website, social media and so on. Starts from how to differentiate article and essay. Article is a short kind of writing length approximately 5.000 words contains data and facts and sometimes has opinion from the writer.


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