Semarang,; The vision to become a world-class research university seems not a “joke” only. It is proven that Universitas Diponegoro, well known as Undip, is very serious for striving that goal. This vision even already begins to be realized since 2005 by making Undip’s milestone and seriously implement to all aspect of Undip’s management profile. Another issue is that Undip is also very serious to deal with the university’s internationalization. 

One of the important roles to boost the university’s internationalization is by appointing the vocal point to carry on international projects and programs. Undip then established the International Office or Office of International Affairs in the year 2009. International Office has specific roles such as handling international students matter, summer school programs, assisting international accreditation and handling inbound-outbound scholarship.

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University’s Internationalization Roadmap

As the unit to handle the internationalization plan of the university, the International Office, shortly called IO, has a significant role play in terms of how to show Undip to the world and also to bring the world to Undip at the same. To achieve that goal, IO conducts a workshop to draw the roadmap of the university’s internationalization. Take place at Undip Inn, one of the university’s budgets hotels this event aims to build mutual understanding among Undip’s stakeholders about the internationalization. The event is from 18-19 February 2020 and attended by almost all faculty leaders. Vice Rector for Academic and Students Affairs, Professor Budi Setiyono said that we have to be more serious to recruit more international students, which is one of the parameters for international rankings. He added, “we have to shift not only the way of recruiting but also the target countries we have expose.” “ASEAN CMLV (Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam) countries are our target now and don’t forget our closest neighbor, Timor Leste also should be targeted” he implied. 

international student from vietnam

Meanwhile, the Head of International Office, Kartika Widya Utama said that it is important for us to make divers international programs in order to attract more international students. Two of the best programs that we have is the Summer School and Diponegoro International Students Scholarship (DISS). “the summer school should be well managed by the faculty, while DISS will be managed by the office of international affairs. We do hope by having those programs more international students are coming and study or just visit this university” he added.

Another issue is that student visa for foreign students is very difficult to get. It potentially reduces the number of our international students. To coup this problem, Admission Center, under its manager Dr. Bambang Cahyono said that we have to adjust our admission timeline much longer than before. It is important for our international students to have more time in preparing departure to Undip.

This event ends with the final draft of Handling International Students Regulation which is discussed by all participants of the meeting. It will be then submitted to the Rector to issued and finally becomes the “holy book” how to manage international students at Diponegoro University.

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