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Diponegoro International Office

Diponegoro University International Office (DIO) is part of the university’s administration system and offers services to international students, researchers, and other university partners. DIO would like to minimize their difficulties both when they arrive and later during their stay at Universitas Diponegoro.


Diponegoro University International Office (DIO) was established in 2009 to respond to the needs of an increasing number of international students. At the time there were many students from the middle east and neighboring countries who needed assistance with the immigration and settling-in process. Afterward, DIO becomes an important facilitator between international students, international researchers, other international partners, and all stakeholders in Indonesia such as Immigration and Higher Education Directorate.


Anggun Puspitarini Siswanto, Ph.D is the Head of Diponegoro International Office and supported by the Deputy Diastama A Ramadhan, LLM. In handling the administration duty, it has 5 sections which are Student Mobility, International Student Welfare, Finance, Visa and Stay Permit and Promotion.









Universitas Diponegoro as a World Class University

From its founding in 1960, Universitas Diponegoro  has been committed to grow and develop to be one of the world-class universities. we recognize our most important contributions to improve the quality of human resources in order to support regional and national development. Universitas Diponegoro has defined academic disciplines, and modes of thought and has had a transformative impact on fields including economics, business, science, mathematics, engineering, medicine, law, policy, sociology, historical, cultural and literary analysis. Our impressive international links, particularly with Australia, South Korea, Japan, the United States, and mainland Europe will ensure that you will have a wide range of international opportunities available to you. we are located in a dynamic city, Semarang, with our main campus in Tembalang.

To get more opportunities to improve its quality, Universitas Diponegoro has also initiated much cooperation with various international universities and institutions. most cooperations conducted in a medical field were signed with Erasmus, Rotterdam, Australia, and Women and Children’s Hospital of Singapore. The cooperation in developing Base Camp Stemcell Transplantation will make Universitas Diponegoro the biggest center for Stemcell Transplant in Indonesia. The cooperation in Social Science is established with Arizona State University and the University of Wyoming, targetted for curriculum development and staff exchange. Universitas Diponegoro is also committed to improving is learning and infrastructure toward the international standard for the purpose of the establishment of World Class University. This commitment shows the positive results by the increase of rank position based on QS ranking in which Diponegoro University was noted at Top Universities in Asia ranking 240 in 2017. Nationally, Universitas Diponegoro is also noted as the best six universities in Indonesia and only World Class University in Central Java. As a university which commits to going internationally, Universitas Diponegoro has developed its curriculum to suit the international standard. the curriculum development has undergone three phases of development which eventually is targeted for international accreditation, Credit Transfer System, Twinning Program, Double  Degree, and International Short Course.

The scope of the Diponegoro International Office’s Work

To be a World-Class University, a university has to have an International Office. The International Office of Universitas Diponegoro is the first office of contact for international students. We offer a range of programs supporting enrolment, study and social life, as well as counseling care to facilities on campus and within the local community. We are eager to give the best services for international students from around the world, regardless of the country, religion, and race where they come from. To implement this commitment, we do have activities to support international students as much as possible. We organize an orientation program for new international students to have English as well as Bahasa short courses. We also carry out intercultural night yearly for international students to facilitate communication such that they feel comfortable, enjoyed, and happy studying at our campus. We believe that mutual communication between lecturers and international students is a key factor to accelerate the teaching-learning process so that they are satisfied as students of Universitas Diponegoro and proud of being its alumni. You can experience all the friendships, support, and social opportunities that make Universitas Diponegoro such a great place to live and study.

Diponegoro International Office is committed to supporting the Universitas Diponegoro to be acknowledged as World Class University


  • Supporting activities on education, research, and community services to be brought into an international community
  • Developing an international network and collaboration between the UNDIP and other foreign institutions
  • providing an excellent international student