List of Summer Course in Undip 2019


Tropical Course on Culture and Sustainable Development in Coastal Region 28 August  – 5 September 2019 Enhance the awareness to the development of people in coastal region QSMAPLE2019TCC
Small Medium Enterprise in Agribusiness and Cultural Heritage 12-23 August 2019 Course about local agricultural system in Java and visit to tea, cocoa, and cofee plantation QSMAPLE2019SME
International Tropical Summer Course (ITroSCo) 2019 : Tropical Conservation, Culture and Eco-Tourism 27 July – 7 August 2019 Course on heritage and mangrove plantation. Traditional batik and culture in Central Java. QSMAPLE2019ITROSCO
Indonesian Agricultural and Tourism 14-26 July 2019 Agricultural Course in Central Java, community and visit to agricultural field QSMAPLE2019IAT
Diponegoro Clinical Internship Summer Course  On April to September Internship program for clinical in Diponegoro University National Hospital QSMAPLE2019DCISM
International Field School (IFeS) 2019 26-30 August 2019 Course on traditional art and cultural study in Solo, Central Java QSMAPLE2019IFES
Join Course “Promoting Disaster Resilience in Urban Water Way” 4-9 March 2019 Course on disaster resilience in urban area, Central Java QSMAPLE2019URBAN
PSYCHE : Psychology International Summer Course and Visit to Cultural Heritage 10-19 July 2019 Course on Java herritage and site visit to Borobudur QSMAPLE2019PSYCHE
Community Participation in Public Health July 2019 Course on public health in Java Area QSMAPLE2019CPPH
Socitie Weeks 2019 : Socio-politico Experience in Semarang 19-30 August 2019 Political study on its experience in Semarang, Central Java QSMAPLE2019SOCI
3rd Summer Course on Indonesian Education and Culture : The Role of Pesantren in the Education System at Central Java 15-22 September 2019 Course on education in Pesantren (local religious system) in Central Java QSMAPLE2019PESAN
Summer Courses in Undip 2019