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Universitas Diponegoro is well known as one of the best universities in Indonesia with the latest national rank is on the 9th place.

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Undip is the home for more than 55.000 students, including hundreds of International Students around the globe. It brings you more opportunities, exchange cultures, wide networking as well as a dynamic academic experince

More Study Programs

Undip has 15 International Undergraduate Programmes (IUP) which use English as the Medium of Instruction. This programme offers wide range of knowledge such as Natural Science, Humanities, Technology and Engineering, and Public Health.  

Located in the City of Semarang

Undip is located in the city of Semarang. This is a unique city in which modernization and tradition meet to create a beautiful harmony. Well known as the capital city of Central Java Province, Semarang offers you a conducive environment to study. This city also has an international airport that make it accessible from every direction. International flight is also available from either Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), or Singapore

About DEEP

General Overview

Diponegoro Exchange Experience Programme or shortly called DEEP is the most integrated student mobility scheme at Universitas Diponegoro (Undip). This programme is designed to accommodate international students from both partner and non-partner Higher Education Institutions /Universities around the globe to experience 1 (one) semester at Undip.

The students from partner universities are able to get credits that are transferrable in their home universities. By this scheme, students are categorized as Credit Transfer System (CTS) students. Meanwhile, students from non-partner universities will only earn credits and the credits cannot be transferred to their home universities; so-called Credit Earned System (CES).

By sending the students to participate in this programme, non-partner universities are possible to propose an academic agreement with us. Eventually, the students can transfer the credit earned during the programme

You may to refer to following link to check your university’s partnership status:


Credit Transfer System

Students from partner universities are able to transfer their credits when returning to their home universities. The course/s should be acknowledged by both universities and finally marked in academic transcript when they graduate

Credit Earning System

Students from non-partner universities only get the credits as Diploma Supplement

Programme’s acknowledgement

All participants will get a Certificate of Accomplishment and Academic Transcript by the end of the programme

Programme Structure

This programme is dedicated to undergraduate students to experience academic life as well as multicultural exposure at Universitas Diponegoro and Indonesia in general. Participants will be embedded in the International Undergraduate Programmes


The classes will use English as a Medium of Instruction.


DEEP is conducted for 1 (one) academic term (semester)

Fees and expenses

Participants will get:

  • Registration fee waiver,
  • Tuition fee waiver, and
  • Other school fees are waived
  • Pick up service (from Semarang Airport to University), upon request
  • Cultural Programmes

Participants should pay for:

  • Round air ticket (International and domestic flight)
  • Dormitory
  • Meals
  • Book (if any)
  • Health insurance


We encourage undergraduate students to participate in this programme with following qualifications:

  • Must be an active/registered undergraduate students
  • Minimum enrolling in 2nd year
  • Having PBT TEOFL 450/IBT TOEFL 48/ CBT TOEFL 140 or IELTS 5.5
  • minimum CGPA 3.00 / 4.00 (scale), or equivalent*


Required documents

  1. Letter of Recommendation (in English) from Academic Supervisor or Director of International Relation Office
  2. Proof of Enrollment from Home University
  3. Copy of TOEFL 500/ IELTS 5.5 or equivalent
  4. Latest Academic Transcripts in (in English)
  5. Copy of a valid passport (coloured) for at least 2 (two) year / Student ID;
  6. Health certificate from the competent authority;

Enrolment and Important Date

Registration Link:
Registration Period:
17th April – 31 May 2023
Selection and Announcement:
Tentative : 1-9 June 2023
Orientation Day:
1 Aug 2023
Class commencement:
15 Aug 2023


Announcement Platform for awardee through applicant email, and Website

Universitas Diponegoro in Frame

Welcome to Diponegoro University


What Our Students Say

It was really nice to be here at Universitas Diponegoro. I experienced a clinical internship at Mlongo rural hospital in Jepara. It is a small hospital owned by Undip and accessible for locals to get primary health service

Tessa Borger

International Student from The Netherlands

Faculty of Medicine Internship Program

My name is Emi Moriya from Japan and I accomplished the Darmasiswa Program at Universitas Diponegoro. I felt very honored to study here since Undip has great lecturers and satisfying academics. I also learned that Semarang city and Indonesia in general are rich in culture. I study Gamelan and Tari Gambang Semarang during my study in Indonesia.

Moriya Emi (EMI)

International Student from Japan

Darmasiswa Program


My name is Ahmed from Libya. I have just graduated from Doctorat Program of Economics. I love studying at Undip since it prepares me with not only outstanding academics but also a wide range of perspectives. In my country, Undip is well known and alumni will be more easily recruited if they graduate from Undip


Ahmed Ibrahim Maymoun

International Student from Libya

Doctorate Program in Economics

DEEP Featured Programs

Civil Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Urban and Regional Planning

International Business

Economics and Finance


Public Administration

Communication Studies

Government Studies

Business Administration

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