As mentioned in Indonesia’s laws and regulations, visa and stay permit are two different things, meaning that once you get visa does not mean that you are eligible to stay in Indonesia. For example, a person gets a Student Visa. When he/she reaches Indonesia has only 30 days to change the visa into a temporary stay permit. This information will be explained more in the stay permit section below.

Meanwhile, Indonesia has only 4 types of visa, which are:





International Students who plan to study (6-month student exchange, Bachelor, Master or Doctoral) must obtain Limited Stay Visa for Education Purposes or shortly called Student Visa (Indexed C316). This type of visa allows you to stay in Indonesia from 3 months to 2 years (per period). International Students who are using other types of Visa are prohibited.

The Republic of Indonesia’s Visa List




Student Visa

International Students only endorsed to use Student Visa (Index C316) to enter Indonesian territory. This type of Visa can only be obtained in Indonesian Embassy or Consulate General in students’ home country. Before the International students apply this Visa, they have to contact university / school to manage pre-application Visa because they need certificate of Visa approval from Indonesia immigration head quarter in Jakarta. Once the Visa approval is gained, the students then apply Visa in the nearest Indonesian Embassy or Consulate.


image of Indonesian Student Visa

Requirements :

  1. Letter of study permit
  2. Scanned cover of passport
  3. Scanned identity page of passport
  4. Bank statement (balance : minimum USD 1500)

Notes: all documents should be in JPG /image format from 70-250 KB


  • IDR 200.000 for Visa approval
  • USD 150 for one year Visa
visa C316 flow chart

Estimated time: 20 working days

Visit Visa

Foreigners who are admitted to participate several short-term programs offered by Universitas Diponegoro are strongly suggest to obtain Visit Visa Index B211A (single entry). Definition of short-term program is that foreigners will only stay less than 3 months. If they wish to stay longer, such as for clinical internship, a semester CTS then foreigner should apply for Students Visa (mentioned above)

Here is the steps to obtain visit visa B211A:

  1. Foreigners contact University/Faculties/Schools about their intention/participation of the program
  2. University/Faculties/Schools issue the Letter of Acceptance (LoA)
  3. University/Faculties/Schools issue SURAT PERMOHONAN dan JAMINAN VISA
  4. Foreigners apply the visa at Indonesian Embassy, Consulate General or Representative abroad by submitting original passport, LoA, SURAT PERMOHONAN, JAMINAN VISA and scanned Indonesian ID card (person who issue SURAT PERMOHONAN dan JAMINAN VISA)
  5. Estimated time 5 working days

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