iponegoro International Office proudly presents Diponegoro Creative Idea International Student Competition (CREADENATION) 2020 “Stay Creative Beyond Physical Boundaries”. CREADENATION 2020 is inviting all international students (NON-INDONESIAN) to give your most creative idea to overcome COVID-19 in poster or critical review paper. The categories and requirements are as follows:
Creative Poster
Topic: Indonesia and World against COVID-19 (undergraduate students only)
Creative Idea based on Critical Review (postgraduate students (Master/Doctoral) only)
• Based on scientific review in Science and Social-Humanities: Scientific review and or suggestions of handling the social, economic, community health and political impacts that caused by COVID-19.
• Based on applied science: Scientific review and or suggestions in concept, system and design prototype shown with 3D animation or video simulation (if necessary) works of technology supporting COVID-19.
• Creative idea for community services: Scientific review and or suggestions about concept and action plan for community empowerment affected by COVID-19.
Creative poster should be submitted in JPEG/PDF format with a maximum size of 40 MB. Creative idea based on critical review should be submitted in .doc/.docx format with a maximum size of 20 MB. Every participant can submit maximum 2 entries for each category.
The time-line
Registration: 13 July-30 Sept 2020 
Assesement: 7-14 Oct 2020
Announcement: 21 Oct 2020
Please note that the submitted poster and creative idea must follow the requirement above.   We provide articles templates, copyright transfer and cover letter for Critical Review in the attachment bellow. Please prepare your submission according to the requirements, otherwise they will not be considered.
Register now:
contact person: madatriandalasibero@lecturer.undip.ac.id
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