International Office of Universitas Diponegoro is pleased to inform you the selection results of SHARE Scholarship Batch 3.

SHARE Committee has received 400 applications. After deducting ineligible ones and scoring using the SHARE priority criterias, The Project Management Board have decided to grant the SHARE Scholarship to 13 students from Diponegoro University for studying abroad and 10 students from ASEAN Universities to study in Diponegoro University for the upcoming semester. Those students are:


  1. Ria Destya Ningrum – Uppsala University
  2. Zahra Arum Fatimah – Tomas Bata University
  3. Ajie Mahar Muhammad – University of Groningen



  1. Riska Meilawati (Hue University)
  2. Tirsa Kristiani Br Ginting (Hue University)
  3. Wing Witjahyo Oetomo Winoto (Hue University)
  4. Muhammad Ibnu Ristiawan (Yangon University of Economics)
  5. Nikita Putri Mahardika (Phnom Penh International University)
  6. Heberina Trinatis Tampubolon (University of Mandalay)
  7. Bianglala Asmarasari (Vietnam National University, Hanoi)
  8. Novia Sekar Tanjung Barokah (University of Cambodia)
  9. Oddie Saputra (University of Cambodia)
  10. Revi Andrean Siregar (University Malaysia Sabah)



  1. Thida Swe Zin (University of Mandalay)
  2. Sokphyrakyuth Mer (University of Cambodia)
  3. Sansany Keovilay (National University of Laos)
  4. Leakena Leng (University of Cambodia)
  5. Nang Ye Moon Htoo (University of Mandalay)
  6. Htut Myat Naing (University of Mandalay)
  7. Wut Yi Aung (University of Mandalay)
  8. Htun Arkar (University of Yangon)
  9. Ahmad Nazirudin Zakaria (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)
  10. Nur Halili Wahida Binti Halim (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)


Please note that you (selected candidates) must confirm your acceptance for SHARE Scholarship by Friday, 9 June 2017, otherwise your spot will be given to those in the reserve list.
SHARE will notify the selected students for their confirmation and shall advise the students to communicate with their home university before responding to the offer. Upon receiving confirmation from the selected students, SHARE will disseminate the Scholarship Offer Letter to candidates who have accepted the offer. Please kindly wait an email from SHARE Committee, then you may confirm your acceptance for the offer by replying their email or following their instruction in the body of the upcoming email.
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