Semarang, io.undip.semarang: – On 2-3 July 2019, Diponegoro Internasional Office (DIO) currently participate in The 1st SHARE Student Mobility and Alumni Workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. For those who haven’t know what SHARE was, it’s an Exchange Platform initiated by European Union in order to strengthen collaboration between ASEAN Countries in term of Student Exchange. This program provides scholarships for ASEAN students to study in other countries for one semester. If you want know more of them kindly visit

This year marks the third year of this scholarship and the second year for Diponegoro University membership. This scholarship has sent so many students fulfilling their dreams of learning and gaining new experiences. The 1st  SHARE Alumni Workshop and Gathering  Undip represented by Ria Destya Ningrum (FISIP), Marko Tatang (FISIP), Paundria Dwijaastuti (FISIP) and Adrian Rizky Fatkhurahman (FISIP) the opportunity to share experiences with other alumni shareholders to form stronger and deeper alumni relations.

After graduate, lot of the alumni express the same feeling on how they change so much due to this program, they now feel much stronger, better in term of communication and character building. Today, Marko work for TDT (a Vietnam Company) and he share his experience on how to become a foreign employee to all participants. These experience and opportunity could be yours, because Share Scholarship will be extended, yes you read it right Share 2 is coming!! So be prepare and submit your application on Share website above. Feel free to contact Diponegoro International Office for further information.

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