Semarang, – Higher Education for ASEAN Talents(HEAT) is designed to support Ph.D. program for ASEAN faculty members. KNU is selected as one of 6 universities after the competitive evaluation procedure in South Korea. The main purpose of this program is to invite faculty members of ASEAN countries who is currently holding a master’s degree and wish to acquire a doctoral degree in Korea.

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The followings are the details of the KNU-HEAT program.

1. Fields of study

· Agricultural & Resource Economics (Ph.D. in Economics)

· International Trade (Ph.D. in International Trade)

2. Scholarships

Scholarship Period: 3 years of Doctoral programs


· Round-trip travel (one time only): Round-trip economy class ticket

· Monthly Allowance: 1,100 USD per month

· Relocation(Settlement) Allowance (one time only): 300 USD upon arrival

· Tuitions: All admission fees are waived by the host institution

· Dissertation Printing Costs: 400~600 USD, depending on the actual coasts

· Language Training Fee and Medical Insurance

3. Application Timeline

· Document Submission Deadline : March 26, 2021

· Notification of eligibility for interview : April 12, 2021

· Interview :April 19  ~ April 23, 2021

· Finalized candidates and notification to KCUE : April 30, 2021

4. Eligibility

· Applicants must 1) hold citizenship in one of the ASEAN countries and 2) currently be a full-time faculty member working at a university in his/her home country.

· Applicants must possess a master’s degree or its equivalent as the highest level of educational attainment.

· Applicants must have discussed their study leave with the university to which they originally belong, as well as about how they plan to contribute to their school after their return.

(Please find the additional qualifications presented in the application guidelines.)

5. Contact

· Tel. +82-33-250-6989

· Email : Chloe Yoon

· KNU-HEAT Application Guidelines :


source: KNU

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