Kagawa’s Sanuki Info Session

About Kagawa University

Kagawa University is a national, comprehensive university. The
university has six faculties; Education, Economics, Law,
Agriculture, Medicine, and Engineering. There are more than
6000 students studying here, of which, over 200 are
international students.

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About Sanuki Program

‘Sanuki’ is the old name of Kagawa. This name is synonymous
with ‘udon’, a thick wheat noodle that is wildly popular among
the local population. Udon shops are ubiquitous in all of Kagawa
and it is no wonder that Kagawa’s nickname is ‘Udon
Prefecture’. In addition, Kagawa is number one in the production
of olives, fans, and gloves. She takes pride in having the longest
walking shopping arcade in Japan, the biggest man-made lake in
Japan, and has the most number of sunny days compared to
other prefectures in Japan.

About Kagawa Prefecture

Kagawa Prefecture is the smallest prefecture in Japan, and has
a population of about 1,000,000. The climate is Mediterraneanlike, with pleasant temperatures throughout the year. Some
summers, however, can be a little hot. The cost of living is
considerably lower compared to other parts of Japan.

The university is situated in Takamatsu City (population over
400,000). It is a mid-sized city, with the main station
(Takamatsu Station) beautifully located at a seafront space
called Sunport. Takamatsu City is home to a well-known
Japanese garden called ‘Ritsurin Park’.





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