Hello Everyone,


We hope you all doing well and healthy wherever you are despite of the world situation right now


We are very delighted to see a lot of enthusiasm regarding our Diponegoro International Student Scholarship (DISS) project. However, we need to remind you that the scholarship offering only available for Student who already accepted and have Letter of Acceptance from Diponegoro University. Students need to apply for becoming Diponegoro University Student first, and only then DISS Scholarship will be offered. Regarding the admission, although we open registration for a whole year, students acceptance are refer to this timeline:


  • Undergraduate Admission                 :  1st March – 23rd May 2020
  • Undergraduate Enrolment                 :  15 August  2020
  • Post Graduate Admission                 :  6 April – 25th May 2020
  • Post Graduate Enrolment                 :  15th August (Odd), 15th February (Even)
  • DISS Admission : 23rd May-12nd June 2020
  • DISS Awardee Announcement : 26th June 2020


*note: due to covid-19 pandemic, all foreign students must attend all classes via online on their first semester.


At the moment, our admission team already finished the acceptance process for the 1st batch, the next step is your study program will contact you via email to give you information about your enrolment and DISS offering. Simply fill and sign the documents and submit it back to your study program before 10th June 2020 will complete the registration process.


As for prospective students, do not worry we still open registration until 23rd May for Undergraduate and 25th May for Post Graduate program, kindly send your application via ia.undip.ac.id  and follow all the procedure.  We looking forward to have you study here in our campuss, Diponegoro University, one of the best University in Indonesia !



May world recover soon, and thank you for your cooperation

Diponegoro International Office

Admission Officer




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