Semarang, – Yonsei University has already been one of the most prestigious universities and is considered as SKY university (i.e top three prestigious universities) in South Korea. Since its partnership with Diponegoro International Office, Yonsei University has offered a winter program namely Winter Abroad at Yonsei (WAY). This short exchange program provides in-class courses and on-demand online classes. WAY will be started in December 2022 and finished in January 2023.

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Please refer to the below information:


  1. Program Period: 2022. 12. 27. (Tue) ~ 2023. 1. 16. (Mon)
  2. Application Period: 2022. 9. 1. (Thu) ~ 11. 18. (Fri)
  3. Payment Deadline: 2022. 11. 25. (Fri)
  4. Early Bird Reward Deadline: 2022. 10. 14. (Fri)

All students who complete online application submission and application fee payment by October 14 and complete tuition fee payment by October 28 will get a tuition discount of 200,000 KRW per course and an early bird course registration chance (exclusive for early bird reward recipients).

  1. Online courses are also provided. Please check our website for further course information. There will be five extracurricular activities (Campus Tour, Taekwondo Class, Cooking Class, DMZ Tour, Ski Trip).




Phone: +82-2-2123-3535

Instagram: yonseistudyabroad