Good news for every student of Diponegoro University who interested to study at Kangwon National University, because Korean Government (NIIED) invites 25 international students from 67 countries to undertake bachelor’s degree especially engineering or natural science majors in Kangwon National University (KNU) through Global Korea Scholarship (GKS).

The following schedule for application is listed below:

  1. Application for GKS at KNU (Regional University Track)
  • Application period  :  09.00 to 18.00 KST / September 11th – October 17th, 2018
  • Contact                      :
  • Postal Address        : Kangwon National University



  1. Admission Schedule
Schedule Date Notes
Submission of application documents 2018.09.10.~10.17. Office of International Affairs

(by post or in person)

Documents Screening 2018.10.18.~10.22. Office of International Affairs
Departments Screening 2018.10.23.~10.24.
Admissions Committee Screening 2018.10.25.~10.26. Interview etc, 1st Selection
Notification of admission results(KNU) 2018.10.30. 14:00 by email
Notice for 2nd selection results(NIIED) 2018.11.16.
Notice for final selection results(NIIED) 2019.01.10.


For students, who interested to apply, can read the following introduction and guidelines below. Furthermore, the student shall send the required document to the contact that written above and sends the document before the dateline.

GKS_KNU Introduction

Application Guideline 2019 Korean Government

Good luck!

For further information, please contact
International Office of Diponegoro University
Widya Puraya 1st floor Tembalang
(024) 7465402
or you can reach us on

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