Semarang, – Universitas Diponegoro through its Diponegoro International Office in collaboration with Kagoshima University Japan invite all talented students to take a part in a student exchange program commencing in Spring 2021 (April).

*Exchange Program Information Sheet:

(English version)
(Japanese version)

*Exchange Duration:
One semester (2021 Spring Semester: April2021-September2021)
One year (2021 Spring and 2021 Fall Semester: April 2021-March2022)

*Deadlines for 2021 Spring Semester Exchange Program:
September 25, 2020 (document submission)

September 28 – 30 (interview, via Ms. Team/other platforms)

*Application Process:

  • Applicants get a nomination letter from Undip by filling form in this post   [CLICK TO FILL THE FORM]
  • Applicants send the required docs to: with subject Spring 2021 Kagoshima
  • DIO will conduct a selection process (including online interview)
  • DIO then sends the application through email to Kagoshima University
  • Kagoshima University will contact the nominated students for online application The students will complete the application form and upload all required
    documents online by 2020/October/9 5:00PM (JST)

*Required application documents:

  • Application Form *Completed online and PDF copy will be provided Reference Letter*Form can be downloaded online.
  • Official Academic Transcript
  • Certificate of Student Registration/Enrollment
  • Certificate of Language Proficiency (Japanese or English)
  • Passport copy
  • ID Photo


Important notes

*For the postponed 2020 Fall Semester Exchange Students due to the
current situation regarding the outbreak of COVID-19, they can join
the 2021 Spring Semester Exchange Program. Their nominations and
health certificates need to be resubmitted. Please submit health
certificates issued after January 2021 by 26 February 2021. We will
inform you about the health certificate again around the end of
Please note that the number of nominated students for 2021 Spring
The semester will be the agreed number as written in our academic agreement.

* If immigration restrictions continue, we can’t help limiting the
number of exchange students accepted. In that case, 2020 Fall enrolled
students whose admissions were postponed have priority. If admission of
studnets in Spring Semester 2021 is allowed,we require the students to
meet the following conditions.
①The Japanese government permits the entry from the foreign country to
Japan by the start of class in April 2021.
②If needed, isolation measures are completed by the start of class in
April 2021.
Lodging expenses in a place other than Kagoshima city for isolation must
be paid by the student.

* 2021 Spring Semester Exchange Program is sometimes canceled by a
judgement of Kagoshima University by the situation.

*Currently, Kagoshima University does not offer scholarships (including
JASSO)for exchange students. Please understand that the students have to
prepare their own living expenses.
They need atleast70,000-80,000yen/month for living in Kagoshima. There
is almost no recruitment of a part-time job at present.

*Admission result will be announced to the home university in the late



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