Semarang, io.undip.semarang: –On Friday, 16 April 2019 at 08.30 am, delegations from Dili Institute Technology (DIT), Timor Leste attended a meeting with Universitas Diponegoro, taking place at Quality Hall Widya Puraya Undip.

The delegations were:
1. Jaoa Bosco Beli, B. Eng, MT, Pro Rector Resources Admin and Personnel, DIT
2. Natalino Fonseca Da Silva Guterres, Dean of Engineering Faculty, DIT
3. 32 students of Mechanical Engineering, DIT

The delegations were welcomed by Dr. Ir. Ita Widowati, DEA, Head of International Office, Undip.

The agenda of the meeting was to discuss the students training. 32 students of Mechanical Engineering Faculty , Dili Institute of Technology will start the training of Welds Inspection at Undip for a week. This training is the implementation of the collaboration between the two institutions for an international short program. This is the third training program collaboration between the two institutions. It is also to strengthen collaboration between Undip and DIT in the future.

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