Come and experience the vibes of Indonesian Heritage

UNDIP as one of the most respected universities in Indonesia with its vision of “ becoming an excellent research university in 2020 or World Class University ” has worked hard to improve its world ranking, including upgrading websites, increasing the number of budgets for research, improving the quality of  human resources (PhD), and opening international programs.

One of the leading activities of the Faculty of Humanities is the “Summer Course Program”. This program is designed to bring international students to know the culture and get involved in several events that have been designed. The program which is planned to last for 2 weeks will involve all departments in the Faculty of Humanities, Diponegoro University. A beautiful environment with cultural diversity is expected to provide added value to the success of this summer course program.

For more information about Summer Course 2019, click here.


1) Learning Indonesian (4 meetings)

2) Learning Indonesian History and Culture (4 meetings)

3) Learning Gamelan

4) Learning Batik

5) Learning Indonesian Traditional Dance

6) Introduction of Silat as Indonesian Martial Arts

7) Site Visit to Urban Culture Project (Bustaman Village)

8) Site Visit to Sam Poo Kong, Kauman Mosque, Cathedral Church, Lawang Sewu, Old Town Semarang

9) Site Visit to Coffee Farmers Group assisted by English Literature students in Temanggung


Course Fee

All costs are provided by Diponegoro University, except for flight tickets.



For the application form, please open:
(Registration is open until October 16th)
See you on the course, folks!

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