A. General Overview

Diponegoro University (UNDIP) as one of the best, foremost and oldest universities in Indonesia. Hosting of more than 55,000 students, currently the university also the third biggest university in Indonesia. Since 2015, the university starts the ambition to expand its reputation globally wide. Diponegoro International Student Scholarship program is dedicated to embracing young people of the world, especially ASEAN countries to study at Diponegoro University. It is expected that the awardee can contribute to the enhancement of cooperation between Indonesia and their home country in the future.
We have 11 international undergraduate programs (IUP), 36 master programs, and 5 doctorate programs. Most of the programs that we offer have been accredited A (Excellence) by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture. We wish every awardee student feel an unforgettable experience of studying in our university that is located in Semarang, a coastal city full of cultural diversity.

B. Brief Introduction to DISS Program

DISS (Diponegoro International Student Scholarship) is financial assistance offered by Universitas Diponegoro to International Students (especially those who originated from ASEAN countries) to pursue their study at Diponegoro University. The scholarship consists of a waiver of tuition fees, living costs, health insurance, and travel cost (for the student from ASEAN countries only).

C. Program Structure

  1. Undergraduate program; Maximum of 8 semesters for undertaking an international undergraduate degree, the scholarship may be ceased if awardee cannot pass minimum grade per semester.
  2. Master degree by Research; Maximum 4 semesters for undertaking a master’s degree by research program. The student has to conduct thesis research with the supervision of a supervisor. Prior to graduation, the student has to publish at least 1 paper on an international reputable journal (most preferably indexed by Scopus).
  3. Doctorate degree by Research; Maximum 6 semesters for undertaking doctorate degree by research program. The student has to conduct dissertation research with supervision from supervisors. Prior to graduation, the student has to publish at least 2 papers on an international reputable journal (most preferably indexed by Scopus

D. Scholarship coverage and duration

DISS Awardee will receive:

  • Round Trip International Airfare (Economy Class for ASEAN Students only) and Round Trip Local transport from Jakarta (CGK) to Semarang Airport (SRG) for all students
  • Settlement Allowance of IDR 2.500.000,00 paid only once upon arrival in UNDIP
  • Living Allowance IDR 2.500.000,00 per Month, please be advised that this amount only sufficient to support one person living properly in Semarang. Hence, we do not recommend our awardee to bring their family, if awardee insists to bring their family, all expenses belong to the responsibility of the awardee
  • Books Allowance will be paid per semester
  • Health Insurance with maximum Rp 200.000,00 monthly premium (if the cost of medical services exceeded coverage amount, the difference should be borne by the student)
  • Waiver of Tuition Fee
  • The Scholarship will be terminated when the student has finished their study, failed to accomplish minimum grade, or exceeded the study period

E. General Requirements

  1. Not Indonesian Passport Holder
  2. Age under 20 years (for undergraduate) and maximum 35 years (for master and doctorate degree) at the time of registration
  3. CGPA is higher than 8 (on 10 scales for undergraduate) and 3.0 on 4 scales or 4.0 CGPA on 5 scales (for master and doctorate)
  4. English Proficiency Certificate 5,5 IELTS or 500 ITP TOEFL Test Score (will be vary depending on faculty requirement)
  5. Valid Passport 2 years after the registration date
  6. Letter of Recommendation from Previous School / University or Superior at work institution
  7. Letter of Motivation
  8. Having a Letter of Acceptance from Diponegoro University

F. Registration

  1. Applicant must submit their application through www.ia.undip.ac.id to get a Letter of Acceptance first, valid for 1 year.
  2. After obtaining LoA, you will see a new option to choose (DISS Scholarship), click it and you will find 3 documents to download: a. Scholarship Application Letter b. Letter of Statement c. DISS Scholarship Agreement, download all of them and submit it back.
  3. After submitting all document required, our team will verify your documents and selection will be scheduled
  4. The announcement of your scholarship acceptance will be done in 2 weeks at the earliest.
  5. Our staff will contact you directly to process your visa, the student must note that Undip only accepts Student Visa (Index 316) for an international student in the degree program. Visa charge is on student behalf, this scholarship will not provide VISA fee and VITAS
  6. After obtaining a visa, Awardee may proceed to go to Universitas Diponegoro, and our International Office Staff will pick them up at the airport.

G. DISS Awardees’ Responsibilities

  1. Comply with the Indonesian laws and regulations, university’s regulations, and other associated regulations
  2. Build a good rapport with DISS scholarship management and respect the norms and values in the society in which the DISS students spend their time during undertaking the program
  3. Actively engage in periodic advisement sessions and other academic-related activities all through the program to support the DISS students’ efforts to successfully complete their study
  4. Be punctual and focus to pass all courses offered in their program to better the academic outcome. The DISS Scholarship Management will conduct a periodic assessment on each DISS academic performance to evaluate their eligibility to continue the program
  5. Willing to participate in the academic and non-academic event held by Diponegoro University

H. Returning to Home Country

The DISS Management will provide economy class airline ticket for DISS students (from ASEAN countries) returning to their home country. However, the provision of the ticket must meet these following conditions:

  1. Going home after program completion. The DISS students must return home countries in no later than 30 days after completing their program. Please be advised that a program completion is not necessarily graduation or a commencement ceremony. Return Ticket will be booked by Diponegoro Office of International Affairs. Upon book a ticket, the student must apply for Exit Permit Only (EPO), therefore student must submit their passport to the International Affairs Office at least 2 weeks prior to departure. A student who wish to go home without EPO will not eligible to get a ticket from this scholarship.
  2. Going Home because fail to complete the program. The DISS students must return home immediately (no later than 30 days) after confirmed dropped-out or unable to finish their program due to poor academic performance, law-breaking state of affairs, Chronic or Terminal illness (based on an official diagnose prepared by a certified physician) or misdemeanor. The DISS Management will arrange the travel arrangement based on the official request from the Dean and approved by Vice-Rector of Academic and Student Affairs; Return Ticket will be booked by Diponegoro International Affairs Office, Upon book a ticket, students must apply for Exit Permit Only (EPO), therefore students must submit their passport to Diponegoro International Office at least 2 weeks prior to departure
  3. Temporary Return
  • Return home for research or data collection purpose is subject to the university’s approval (must have supervisor permission). However, DISS Management encourages DISS students to collect the research data remotely or work on distinctive Indonesian research topics.
  • Return home when the DISS program is ongoing due to emergency or personal reason is subject to university’s approval (Dean Permission). If permitted, the DISS students may return home for a maximum of 30 days and keep the university updated. Please be advised that failure to report to the university or exceed the permitted leave time will be considered as resignation from the DISS program, hence, the scholarship will be discontinued;
  • All cost related to temporary return will be borne by the DISS students.I.


I. Resigning Policy

Dropping all courses or resigning from the DISS Scholarship program students are required to pay back the already received financial aid. If students are considering resigning from the DISS Scholarship program, contact the DISS Management in the Diponegoro International Affairs Office to determine the financial aid implications specific to the situation.

J. Rules and Other Restriction

  1. The DISS students must not commit a felony;
  2. The DISS students must obey the Indonesian Law and Regulations
  3. The DISS students must obey the university’s rules and regulations;
  4. The DISS students must not drive motorized vehicles during their stay in Indonesia without an authorized driving license. Any injuries caused by reckless driving or accident will not be covered by the DISS scholarship;
  5. Once admitted by one study program/faculty, transfer to other study program/ faculty is strictly prohibited



source : Kartika Widya

Edited by: AR_87

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