semarang,; International Office of Diponegoro University or well known as DIO, Diponegoro International Office in collaboration with PPI (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia) Taiwan conducted Taiwan Education Expo 2020 on January 23, 2020. This event was held as the implementation of reciprocal cooperation between Taiwan Education and Trade Organization (TETO) and Indonesian trade representative in Taiwan. Every year, the government of Taiwan provides hundreds of scholarship schemes. Taiwan scholarship is deployed to several institution such as Ministry Of Science and Technology (MOST), Ministry Of Education , Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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To promote those all informations, PPI send three Indonesian scholars who are undergoing their Ph.D program in Taiwan, Anita Listiara, Arwan dan Banu. The talks begin with the speech from Head of International Office, Kartika Widya who emphasize the importance of education in the disruption era, Industrial Revolution 4.0. He also welcomes, especially for Indonesian Scholars who undertaking the PhD in Taiwan and very honored to host them in Taiwan Scholarship Expo 2020 held in Undip.

Anisa Listiara

Ms. Anisa Listiara is originally the lecturer of the faculty of psychology at Universitas Diponegoro. She applied Taiwan government scholarship in 2017 and accepted in 2018. She is undergoing the PhD program in cognitive science in Chung Cheng University Taiwan. She share her stories how difficult to get scholarship from abroad  but she encourage the audience to try and never give up. She also mentioned that living in Taiwan is not as hard as people think in terms of language, culture, food , etc. She also gives tips and tricks to get scholarship, especially in Taiwan.

While Mr. Arwan, the other Indonesian scholar who is actually lecturer of faculty of engineering Universitas Diponegoro emphasize that it is important to know all possible offers (scholarship-red) within or outside of Indonesia. “International scholarship is a prestige but national scholarship is also good. Do not limit yourself to get something in this world! Be open minded to all chances that you can take. I am not encouraging you to only apply scholarship in Taiwan, even today we are talking about Taiwan higher education and scholarship. I thank to International Office of Universitas Diponegoro that please us to deliver the information we get.

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Sabrina, a 5th semester student from Faculty of Public Health gave her impression to this expo. “I am so happy to know these all information since I have greater expectation to apply international scholarship and Taiwan could be my consideration. Taiwan offers a huge number of scholarships and I want to apply for that


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