Semarang,; Alternative Project is Japanese NGO that creates youth program internationally to encourage youths to explore global cultures. Alternative Project in collaboration with Nippon Foundation Student Volunteer Center ( is holding two 2-week programs that can be chosen, which are:
1. Alternative Leadership Program in Social Entrepreneurship (Jakarta, August 4-17, 2016) and 2. Culture and Education (Yogyakarta, August 30-September 12,2016).
We are looking for 4 Indonesian students for the program Jakarta  and 5 Indonesian students for the program in Jogja. They will join Japanese students from the various university in Japan. During the program, students will learn about the topics depends on the theme. Not only learning, they will also get hands-on experience through the creative activities.
For Social Entrepreneurship, Students will learn about social entrepreneurship in Indonesia such as the background, struggles, and achievement. After, they will explore a real situation in Indonesia to understand the role of social entrepreneurs in answering the problem in society by doing real actions.
For Culture and Education, the students will voluntarily teach the kids in the riverbank of Code River. The theme for this workshop is “Clean Environment: I start from myself!”. Participants, 10 Japanese and 5 Indonesian students will work in teams to create a creative workshop to deliver that theme so the kids are able to realize the importance of keeping their environment clean, especially they are living by the river where this issue is crucial.


A motivated young person with any interest

Speak basic English (and/or Japanese)

Able to join program for two weeks

Able to pay the program fee (1.500.000 IDR for each program)

Have a good knowledge of Indonesian cultures

Independent, responsible, able to work as a team

Have motivation and interest in Social Environmental/ Entrepreneurship/ Cultural exchange program


How to apply

Read carefully the information sheet about the program

For Social Entrepreneurship:

For Culture and Education:

Fill out the application form in

Send the application or participation fee of 1.500.000 IDR (for payment details, please contact your application will be processed after you do the payment.

Application will be opened from May 23rd until June 13th


If you are not selected, the participation fee will be refunded. If you accepted but cancel your participation, the participation fee will not be refunded. the final decision for accepted applicants will be announced within 2 weeks after the application term is ended.

for more information, please contact or check facebook page of Alternative Project in

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