Semarang,; Good news! International Office (IO) of Diponegoro University is pleased to announce to all students in Diponegoro University that applications are now opened for Short-Term Exchange Program (Fall 2020) at the University of the Ryukyus, Japan.

University of the Ryukyus will launch a new student exchange program from Spring 2020 to provide students more fruitful and fulfilling experience. This new program is “RISE Program (Ryukyus International Student Exchange Program)”. Ryukyus International Student Exchange (RISE) Program is an arrangement made between the University and other affiliated Universities that enables students to come to the University to conduct research and take classes related to the students’ majors. This program provides students with a deeper understanding of both Okinawan and Japanese cultures and customs. It also gives students the opportunity to return to Japan in the future to pursue graduate studies or research.

Courses Offered

(1) Japan-Okinawa Studies Course

(2) Glocal Leadership Course

(3) Japanese Language Teacher Training Course

(4) Major Studies Course


Application Documents :

(1) Application Form( Form 1, Form 2-5, Certificate of Eligibility*

*Please submit this CoE form in Excel format.

(2) Recommendation Letter

(3) Academic transcript from the applicant’s home University

(4) Certificate of Enrollment from the applicant’s home University

(5) Color photograph (showing clearly the applicant’s head and shoulders, 3cm x 4cm against a plain white, gray or blue background)

(6) Color copy of applicant’s passport (page with personal details)

(7) The student must either be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student who has completed his/her first year of study at his/her home Institution or be matriculated as a graduate student.

(8) Junior college students who apply must be in their final year of study.

(9) The students must be proficient in Japanese at the level required by each given Admission and Period of Stay course.


Kindly access the links below for this exchange program brochures.

Program Brochure

To apply this program, Diponegoro University’s students have to submit all documents in electronic format to our e-mail: with subject the University of the Ryukyus (Rise Program)_Fall 2020_Student Name


Application Deadline for Documents Submission to International Office of Diponegoro University: March, 9 2020


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