Kagoshima University opens application for student exchange program fall semester 2017!

Necessary Documents:

-Application Form (Form A) *A person who holds N1 or N2 in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, please fill out Form A in Japanese

-Application Form (Form B)

-Reference Form (Form C)

-Official Transcript in English

-Three identical photos (L 40mm x W 30mm) *The photos must be taken within three months

-Certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency Test, TOEFL, IELTS, etc. to prove student’s language ability

-Certificate of Student Registration/Enrollment

-Photocopy of Passport

-Health Certificate in English (Form D)

Submission Deadline : 20 April 2017

Students must submit the application through International Office Diponegoro University. Direct application from the individual student to Kagoshima University cannot be accepted.

Form A_17Fall(JAPANESE)

Form A_17Fall

Form B_17Fall

Form C_17Fall

Form D_17Fall(Health Certificate)

More information:




Exchange Officer

International Student Office Kagoshima University

e-mail: ryugaku@kagoshima-u.ac.jp


Exchange students must arrange by themselves the minimum amount of money needed for accommodation, meals and daily expenses for the whole period of their stay at Kagoshima University.

Please check the Living Costs and Prices from the URL as follows.


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