Universitas Diponegoro (Undip) was founded in 1957 with a vision to become a leading research university. Undip is ranked 281-290th at 2020 QS Asia University Ranking, Best Three Indonesian University Graduate Employability at 2020 QS World Ranking, and Top Five in Indonesia for 2021 THE World University Ranking. Top Ten Universities in the 2020 National University Rank and is one of the 1000 Best Universities in the world according to the 2020 QS World University Ranking.              

            Universitas Diponegoro as one of the best Universities in Indonesia, realizes its position to be more active in global community . Its Vision to be World Class Research University, Undip needs to be internationally acknowledged and brings international atmosphere to the students. Starting from this thought, we welcome the best prospective students from around the world who wish to continue their master studies at Universitas Diponegoro through the  Undip Scholarship, a scholarship program which is designed for international students to broaden their knowledge by experiencing unique academic life here at Undip. Therefore, please be advised that all the programs offered will be delivered in English.  We realize that a good program will not run well if it is not supported by complete information, and on that note we present this guidebook to all prospective students, partner universities, and those who need the information in details

Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, SH, M.Hum


Universitas Diponegoro


Why Choose Undip?

Top Ten Best University Across The Nation

Universitas Diponegoro is well known as one of the best universities in Indonesia with the latest national rank is on the 9th place.

Large Number of Student Body

Undip is the home for more than 55.000 students, including hundreds of International Students around the globe. It brings you more opportunities, exchange cultures, wide networking as well as a dynamic academic experince

More Study Programs

Undip has 14 IUPs, 52 Undergraduate programs, 19 Master Program and 14 Doctoral Programs. DIMAS, on the other hand, offers you a wide range of knowledge and study field to choose and they are master program in Management, Accounting, Economics, Business Administration, Public Administration, Environmental Enginnering, Environmental Scince and Law

Located in the City of Semarang

Undip is located in the city of Semarang. This is a unique city in which modernization and tradition meet to create a beautiful harmony. Well known as the capital city of Central Java Province, Semarang offers you a conducive environment to study. This city also has an international airport that make it accessible from every direction. International flight is also available from either Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), or Singapore

About Undip Scholarship

General Overview

Universitas Diponegoro (UNDIP) is one of the best, foremost and oldest universities in Indonesia. UNDIP has been home for more than 54,000 students and is ranked in the Top Ten National University. The University also gained its reputation worldwide i.e Top 400 THE World University Ranking for SDG’s and Top 1000 QS World University Ranking. For the students’ achievement, UNDIP is acknowledged as the Best Three for National Rank by QS World Graduate Employability and Universities in Asia by UniRank/4icu.org, respectively. UNDIP aims to become World Class University in which provides excellent education has become one of the main focuses. Undip Scholarships is offered to the international students who want to pursue the Master Program which is taught in English. Upon the study completion, Undip Scholarships Awardees are expected to play an essential role in expanding the international network as well as establishing collaborations back home with UNDIP.

We are offering 18 Master Programs. These study programs are accredited A (Excellent) by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture. We value our students, both home-students and international students, by providing excellent education as well as the best services to foster the learning process. In addition, located in Semarang City has become one of the appealing points for UNDIP as the city itself is well known for its cultural and industrial diversity. This uniqueness allows our students to experience local heritage in their surroundings and also access to our industrial partners for those who want to conduct the internships.

Brief Introduction to Undip Scholarship Programme

Undip Scholarships is a financial support offered by UNDIP for International Students to pursue their Master Degree in which offer many programmes in English. The scholarship consists of tuition fee waiver, living allowance (for those who resides in Semarang), health insurance and internet allowance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scholarship Coverage and Duration

Undip Scholarships Awardee will receive:

  • Round Trip International Airfare (Economy Class only) and Round Trip Domestic transport from Jakarta (CGK) to Semarang Airport (SRG) for all students. All tickets are issued by Undip
  • Settlement Allowance of IDR 2.500.000,00 paid only once upon arrival in Undip
  • Living Allowance IDR 2.500.000,00 per Month, please be advised that this amount only sufficient to support one person living properly in Semarang. Hence, we do not recommend our awardees to bring their family, if awardees insist to bring their family, all expenses belong to the responsibility of the awardees. The allowance is only for those who reside in Semarang
  • Books Allowance will be paid per semester
  • Internet Allowance only for those who reside outside of Semarang
  • Health Insurance provided by Undip (if the cost of medical services exceeded coverage amount, the difference should be borne by the student)
  • Waiver of Tuition Fee
  • The Scholarship will be terminated when the student has finished their study, failed to accomplish minimum grade, or exceeded the study period

Responsibilities of the Awardees

Undip Scholarships Awardees Must:

  • Complying with the Indonesian laws and regulations, university’s regulations, and other associated regulations;
  • Actively engaging in regular supervisory sessions and other academic-related activities all through the programme to support the study completion;
  • Being punctual and focus to pass all courses offered in their programme to enhance the academic outcome. Periodic assessments will be conducted to evaluate awardess’ eligibility to continue the programme;
  • Willing to participate in the academic and non-academic events held by Universitas Diponegoro

Returning to Home Country

Universitas Diponegoro will provide economy class airline tickets for Undip Scholarships awardees to return to their home country. However, the provision of the ticket must meet the following conditions:

  • Return home after program completion. Awardees must return home countries no later than 30 days after the program ends. Please be advised that a program completion is not necessarily graduation or a commencement ceremony. Return Ticket will be booked by Diponegoro International Office. The student must apply for Exit Permit Only (EPO), as well as book the ticket, by submitting their passport to the International Affairs Office at least 2 weeks prior to departure.
  • Return home because fail to complete the program. Awardees must return home immediately (no later than 30 days) after confirmed dropped-out or unable to finish their program due to poor academic performance, law-breaking state of affairs, Chronic or Terminal illness (based on an official diagnose prepared by a certified physician) or misdemeanor.
  • Undip will arrange the travel upon the official request from the Dean and approved by Vice-Rector of Academic and Student Affairs; Return Ticket will be booked by Diponegoro International Affairs Office, Upon book a ticket, students must apply for Exit Permit Only (EPO), therefore students must submit their passport to Diponegoro International Office at least 2 weeks prior to departure.
    • Return home for research or data collection purpose is subject to the university’s approval (Supervisor Permission). However, it is encouraged for the awardees to collect the research data remotely or work on distinctive Indonesian research topics.
    • Return home when the programme is ongoing due to emergency or personal reasons is subject to the university’s approval (Dean Permission). If permitted, the awatrdees may return home for a maximum of 30 days and keep the university updated. Please be advised that failure to report to the university or exceed the permitted leaving period will be considered as resignation from the Undip Scholarships Programme, hence, the scholarship will be terminated;
    • All costs related to the temporary return will be borne by the the awardeesTemporary Return

Programme Structure

The Programme offers Masters Degrees which are conducted by Coursework or by Research. The scholarship covers a maximum of 4 semesters with a thesis submission and journal publication (at least one scientific article) as the final milestone. The journal publication is expected to be published in national of international reputable journals (preferably indexed by Scopus). The Master Programmes which are offered in Undip Scholarships this year are as follow:

  • Master of Chemical Engineering
  • Master of Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Master of Mechanical Engineering
  • Master of Accounting
  • Master of Economics
  • Master of Management
  • Master of Communication
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Political Science
  • Master of Public Administration
  • Master of Law
  • Master of Linguistics
  • Master of Agribusiness
  • Master of Epidemiology
  • Master of Environmental Engineering
  • Master of Environmental Science
  • Master of Biomedical Science
  • Master of Marine Science

General Requirements

  1. Not Indonesian Passport Holder
  2. Valid Passport 2 years after the registration date
  3. Curriculum Vitae
  4. Copy of Bachelor Diploma and Academic Transcript
  5. Letter of Declaration to comply with Indonesian Rules [DOWNLOAD]
  6. Photograph 4×6 coloured
  7. For specific requirement please refer to each study Programme requirements in Appendix A of this guidance book
  8. Letter of Recommendation issued by nearest Indonesian Embassy/Consulate General in home country [DOWNLOAD]
  9. TOEFL ITP 525 or IELTS 6.0
  10. Register at admission.undip.ac.id or simply click the red button below this section

Rules and Other Restriction

  • The awardees must not commit a felony;
  • The awardees must obey the Indonesian Law and Regulations;
  • The awardees must obey the University’s Rules and Regulations;
  • The awardees must not drive motorised vehicles during their stay in Indonesia without an authorized driving license. Any injuries caused by reckless driving or accident will not be covered by the Scholarship;
  • Once admitted by one study programme/faculty, transfer to other study programme/faculty is strictly prohibited;
  • During Covid-19 Pandemic, students are prohibited to enter Indonesian territory without Universitas Diponegoro permission
  • If the awardees failed to achieve CGPA 3.00, the scholarship will be discontinued the university

Resigning Policy

Dropping all courses or resigning from the Scholarship programme, students are required to refund the scholarship. If students are considering resigning from the Undip Scholarships Programme due to unforeseen circumstances, contact the Diponegoro International Office (DIO) for further assistance

Enrolment and Important Date

Registration Link:
Registration Period:
1-12 July 2022
to be confirmed
Orientation Day:
to be confirmed
Class commencement:
August 2022 [online mode]


Announcement Platform for Awardee through Applicant’s Email, and Website

Response to Pandemic of COVID-19

Learn From Home

Online Learning Options

During the Pandemic of Covid 19, all class will be conducted online. Therefore, awardees who are still in their home countries or somewhere outside of Indonesia prohibited to enter Indonesia. This policy will be renewed based on the recent situation

Universitas Diponegoro in Frame

Undip is always the best !

What Our Students Say

It was really nice to be here at Universitas Diponegoro. I experienced a clinical internship at Mlongo rural hospital in Jepara. It is a small hospital owned by Undip and accessible for locals to get primary health service

Tessa Borger

International Student from The Netherlands

Faculty of Medicine Internship Program

My name is Emi Moriya from Japan and I accomplished the Darmasiswa Program at Universitas Diponegoro. I felt very honored to study here since Undip has great lecturers and satisfying academics. I also learned that Semarang city and Indonesia in general are rich in culture. I study Gamelan and Tari Gambang Semarang during my study in Indonesia.

Moriya Emi (EMI)

International Student from Japan

Darmasiswa Program


My name is Ahmed from Libya. I have just graduated from Doctorat Program of Economics. I love studying at Undip since it prepares me with not only outstanding academics but also a wide range of perspectives. In my country, Undip is well known and alumni will be more easily recruited if they graduate from Undip


Ahmed Ibrahim Maymoun

International Student from Libya

Doctorate Program in Economics

Undip Scholarship Featured Master Programmes

Master of Environmental Science

Expected Learning Outcomes

The graduates will possess the following characteristics:

  • understanding and able to take a role in environmental-related development;
  • has capacity in improving professional role and services through environmental reasoning and analysis;
  • able to formulate the approach and strategy in various environmental issues management;
  • able to improve the capacity in developing professional performance in broader spectrum according to their competences

Programme specifications

The Programme was established on 2000 and accredited in score A by National Accreditation Board (BAN-PT). To accomplish the Programme, each student must complete at least 40 credits during 4 semesters. The Programme covers various aspects of the environment by providing in depth understanding of issues at local, regional and global level; using interdisciplinary teaching/research/field work resources.

Master of Law

Expected Learning Outcomes

Students are expected to have standard abilities as a legal expert who are not merely teaching staff/lecturers, legal researcher but also become a legal consultant or become a lawyer, or work at central/local government office

Programme specifications

Master of Law Programme in Universitas Diponegoro is one of the postgraduate Programme that educates and produces graduates whose expertise in the reform and development of research-based law in order to support national development

Master of Public Administration

Expected Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand in administration theory, reformation administration, organization, public policy and public management
  2. Master in systematically thinker approaches
  3. Master in development theory, social, and political economies.
  4. Understand the theory of change management as well as strategic management, and performance management
  5. Able distinguish methods in resolving public issues
  6. Understand application of qualitative, quantitative, or mix methods  in public administration research

Programme specifications

Master of Public Administration have two Specialisations offered: Public Policy and Public Management

Master of Business Administration

Expected Learning Outcomes

Master Programme of Business Administration is designed to produce graduates who have the ability to develop science, technology, and arts in the field of business and make strategic decisions about various functions in business, also produce innovative products

Programme specifications

The Master Programme of Business Administration aims to provide business administration education that can produce business administrators who are able to analyse changes in the global environment through the integration of multidisciplinary concepts to develop business strategies, formulate creative and innovative business plans, and accelerate growth based on local wisdom, also identify ethical problems, so as to be able to formulate alternative solutions that can be accounted for, make decisions based on valid data and information, and present a global perspective to meet the needs of stakeholders. Our tagline is being an ethical business

Master of Master of Political Science

Expected Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from Master of Political Science is expected to mastering political theories and methodological skills to be political scientists as well as political practitioners in political parties, legislature body, electoral body, media, NGO, development agencies, and any other relevant fields

Programme specifications

Master of Political Science has 3 (three) program Specialisations, namely:

  1. Politics of Public Policy
  2. Digital Politics
  3. Electoral Governance

Master of Management

Expected Learning Outcomes

  1. Ability to develop logical, critical, systematic, and creative thinking through scientific research.
  2. Ability to perform academic validation or studies according to the field of expertise in solving problems in society or industry.
  3. Ability to compile ideas, thoughts, and scientific arguments responsibly and based on academic ethics, and to communicate it through the media to the academic community and the wider community
  4. Ability to identify the scientific field that becomes the object research and positioning it into a research map developed through an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approach.
  5. Ability to make decisions in the context of solving problems in the development of science and technology that concern and apply humanities values ​​based on analytical or experimental study of information and data.
  6. Ability to manage, develop and maintain networks with colleagues, peers within the wider research institution and community.
  7. Ability to increase learning capacity independently.
  8. Ability to document, store, secure, and retrieve research data in order to guarantee validity and prevents plagiarism.
  9. Ability to solve routine managerial problems at the functional level and corporations.
  10. Ability to formulate and develop strategic plans into operational plans
  11. Ability to conduct theoretical and empirical studies in the field of management based on scientific methods

Programme specifications

National Accreditation Board (BAN-PT) has granted “A” Accreditation in the administration of education for Master of Management study program, Universitas Diponegoro. For international accreditation, Master of Management study program, Universitas Diponegoro has also received ABEST21 accreditation (THE ALLIANCE ON BUSINESS EDUCATION AND SCHOLARSHIP FOR TOMORROW, a 21st century organization) based in Japan

Master of Economics

Expected Learning Outcomes

  1. Produce graduates who have academic and professional abilities and also entrepreneurial skills so that they can develop and apply business and economics.
  2. Upgrade innovative work in the field of research and community service that can increase the faculty contribution to empowering development both nationally and internationally.
  3. Increase networks and synergic cooperation with stakeholders which are relevant to the development of science and technology in the business and economic fields that are beneficial to the environment.
  4. Develop professional, capable, independent and accountable faculty governance

Programme specifications

Master of Economics study program, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Diponegoro, was established based on the Decree of Directorate General of Higher Education No. 63/DIKTI/Kep/2000 on March 15th, 2000 with holding a Master of Science (M.Si) in the field of Economics and granted “A” accreditation No. 966/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/M/VIII/2015

Master of Accounting

Expected Learning Outcomes

  1. Mastering the basics of accounting so that they are able to think and act as competitive practitioners or academicians in the field of accounting, especially financial accounting, management accounting, government accounting and forensic accounting.
  2. Mastering the basics of adequate knowledge in order to be able to understand, explain and formulate problems in accounting phenomena, and be able to formulate ways of solving problems according to their field of expertise.
  3. Able to apply the knowledge and technology skills in productive activities and services to the community, especially in the fields of accounting and business.
  4. Able to develop skills in the development of practice and knowledge of financial accounting, management accounting, government accounting and forensic accounting

Programme specifications

Master of Accounting study program, Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Diponegoro, is a postgraduate program at Universitas Diponegoro which was established based on the Decree of DIKTI DEPDIKBUD No.135/DIKTI/KEP/1999 on April 14th, 1999, with the category of postgraduate education holding a Master of Science (M.Si) in accounting.  This program opens a concentration in the field of accounting, so that it provides a great opportunity for those who are interested in the development of accounting science and practice for academicians, researchers, and practitioners

Master of Environmental Engineering

Expected Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate specialty-area knowledge to meet present and future challenge in environmental engineering field
  2. Develop necessary engineering skills to solve environmental-related issues through inter or multidisciplinary areas.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate both in writing and through oral, work in teams with various discipline

Programme specifications

Master of Linguistics

Expected Learning Outcomes

Master of Communication Science

The study load for master of communication students is 36 credits in minimum and 50 credits in maximum which scheduled for 4 (four) semester and can be taken for 4 (four) semester in minimum and 10 (ten) semester in maximum including thesis writing, post the graduate program or equivalent (Kepmendiknas No. 232/U/2000).

The curriculum is designed with emphasizing on 2 (two) concentration which is Media Policy and Strategic Communication. Each specialization has 84 courses study load including thesis research (6 credits). Before conducting on research and writing thesis, students are required to join the Reading Course and Thesis Seminar with 3 credits. The completion time of the study is 4 to 10 semesters.

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Frequently Asked

How much Undip will give monthly allowance?
IDR 2.5 Million per month
Who pays the Visa Fees?
The awardees
Who pays the Stay Permit?
The University
Full or Partial Scholarship
Full Covered (see scholarships’ coverage section)
Age Restriction
Online or Offline Class?
Possibly both, but for Pandemic we only use ONLINE CLASS
Maximum Duration of Study
4 Semesters (2 years)
Is Student Dormitory Covered?
Is graduation fee covered?
Can I bring Family?
Do I get health insurance?
Yes. Health insurance is from the university.
If I am not accepted, can I know WHY?
Definitely NO. Because it is Universitas Diponegoro’s inviolable rights