Tropical Course 2019

Lets’ join our 5th Tropical Course on 2019

Please notice the important dates below:

  • Online registration = April 1-30, 2019
  • Selection process = May 06 , 2019
  • Official announcement and payment = May 20, 2019
  • Arrival in Semarang-Indonesia = August 27, 2019
  • Course date = August 28 – September 5, 2019
  • Departure to home country = September 6, 2019

This tropical course is the fifth tropical course since 2014 and open for international student every year to enroll this course. In class and out class will be provided to participants and two location of courses will be applied: in Semarang City and Karimunjawa Island with the total of course length will be 11 days including arrival and departure.

Information about the tropical course is now available in booklet and it is free to download here:  Booklet Tropical Course Undip 2019

Tropical Course Program provides a beneficial impact and good opportunity to connect with and play an important role in academic purposes to students around the world. These courses may enrich their knowledge of varieties environments and research center in Diponegoro University.

Please take a look previous program (2018)

Credit Earning Program (3 credit)

Now, credit earning system will be offered to participants to earn 3 credits with 72 hour class interaction including in and out class. The discussion and student centered learning system will be conducted for whole class activities. Lecturer provides their updated information and research about coastal.

All participants will be allowed to involve in the out class program to see the unity and the unique of Semarang city in both regions. Since the program is focused in the tropical area, participants will spend three days in the paradise island of Karimunjawa and they will receive the lesson in and out class. The location in the beach will be also offered to study about the surroundings.

Experts lecturers will always provide the guidance to all participants, so no worry to do fun activities in the beach such as : snorkeling, coastal cleaning, swimming, and sun bathing.

Tuition Fee

Starting from 2019, free for tuition fee only will be applied for invited students.


Please download registration form here :  Tropical-Course-Undip-2019-APLICATION-FORM and please submit to