Tropical Course

Diponegoro University Tropical Course Program provides a beneficial impact and good opportunity to connect with and play an important role in academic purposes to students around the world. The program offers 1–2 weeks academic programs towards international student. These courses may enrich their knowledge of varieties environments and research center in Diponegoro University. We proudly announce our tropical course programs:

Tropical Course on Culture and Sustainable Development in Coastal Region

About previous program (2018)

About current program (2019)

Introduction to the program

Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country. It has about 13,466 big and small islands, 95,181 km of coastline, sea area about 5.8 million km square. Coastal region is a unique area where the land and sea ecosystem interact. This program offers various activities to enhance the student’s awareness to the development of people in coastal region. Diponegoro University as an Indonesian biggest state university that creates community in coastal development, trying to conduct “Tropical Course on Culture and Sustainable Development in Coastal Region”. The course offers various activities in Semarang and Karimunjawa island, Central Java, Indonesia on August in every year.

New offer: Credit Earning Program (3 credit)

Now, credit earning system will be offered to participants to earn 3 credits with 72 hour class interaction including in and out class.

Student and teacher activity in the class

Student centered learning will be applied

The discussion and student centered learning system will be conducted for whole class activities. Lecturer provides their updated information and research about coastal and we offer the foreign lecturer from: Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, or Taiwan. They provide the lesson in cheerful, fun, and easy, so it can be adopted smoothly by all participants

City tour in Lawang Sewu – the historical building in Semarang

Semarang city comprises two the regions: hill and down town. All participants will be allowed to involve in the out class program to see the unity and the unique of Semarang city in both regions. Since the program is focused in the tropical area, participants will spend three days in the paradise island of Karimunjawa and they will receive the lesson in and out class. The location in the beach will be also offered to study about the surroundings.

Coaching by expertise before snorkeling

Three experts lecturer will always provide the guidance to all participants, so no worry to do fun activities in the beach such as : snorkeling, coastal cleaning, swimming, and sun bathing.

The subject

The course offers 25 lectures and both will be offered in and out of the class. The program is listed below:

  • Lecture 1: Small to medium enterprises development in tropical area
  • Lecture 2: Tropical coastal region: Livelihood in three coastal areas (North Coastal Area in Central Java)
  • Lecture 3: Diseases in Tropical Coastal Region
  • Lecture 4: Local Flora and Fauna in Karimunjawa Island
  • Lecture 5: Tracking Mangrove
  • Lecture 6: Photography in Love Hill (Sunset View)
  • Lecture 7: Field activities with local entrepreneur and legal awareness
  • Lecture 8: Coastal clean up and recycle system studies
  • Lecture 9: Coral study in Cemara Besar Island
  • Lecture 10: Coral study and snorkeling (Menjangan Kecil Island)
  • Lecture 11: Javanese traditional dance practices

    Public Performance

  • Lecture 12: Field activities and environmental studies in coastal area
  • Lecture 13: Local Traditional Market Orientation
  • Lecture 14: Traditional Fisheries Processing Product Technology in Indonesia
  • Lecture 15: Tropical Food Industry and Green Technology
  • Lecture 16: Tropical Food Perspective in Most Tropical Area Consumers
  • Lecture 17: Sustainable development: General principles
  • Lecture 18: Eco-tourism and Development in Traditional Food
  • Lecture 19: Student presentation (topic: politics-culture in Karimunjawa)
  • Lecture 20: Problem identification and region improvement (based on sustainable and local wisdom principles)
  • Lecture 21: Recognition evaluation activities and action plan
  • Lecture 22: Student activities : livelihood Karimunjawa island area, Post test
  • Lecture 23: Study about Angklung
  • Lecture 24: Landmark Study in Semarang City
  • Lecture 25: Student activities (Sugar cube and mind understanding)

Enjoy in Karimunjawa Island

On board trip

How to register this course?

Please submit the fulfilled application form HERE through email: and

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