The International Office of Diponegoro University is glad to announce that Kangwon National University already opened their exchange program in Spring Semester 2019. Below is the requirement that shall be completed to apply for the exchange program :

  1. Application form( form provided)
  2. A copy of proof of enrollment
  3. A copy of the transcript
  4. A recommendation letter from the supervisor of the study field or OIA office
  5. A color copy of Passport
  6. A letter of self-introduction and study plan(form provided)
  7. Certificate of English proficiency test (holders only)
  8. Certificate of TOPIK test (holders only)
    (No need to send the original but scanned copy only by email)

For detailed information regarding the exchange program, please download the required documents below.

KNU Application Package Spring 2019

The students who wish to apply to this exchange program should understand that the exchange students will be exempted from the only tuition at Kangwon National University. Furthermore, the student also shall complete and send their document application through email ( no later than 1 November 2018 

For further information, please contact
International Office of Diponegoro University
Widya Puraya 1st floor Tembalang
(024) 7465402
or you can reach us on

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