international student mobility awards

Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards is the Government of Indonesia scholarship scheme to fund Indonesian students for mobility program at top Universities overseas. Undergraduate students could spend one semester at the overseas university partner to study, to experience the lost country’s culture and undertake practical assignments to hone their skills.

programme objectives


Guaranteeing 20 credits transfered to Indonesian universities to ensure students will not be left behind due to following IISMA program in host universities. 20 credits is gained through academic and activities taken based on students’ interest

wide range study

Giving students chance to learn multidisciplinary knowledge based on each student’s interest through various courses. They are free to choose courses which do not have correlation with their department in home universities.

international exposure

Giving students chance to gain knowledge and skills from world renowned universities in 30 countries. A great chance to learn to lecturers with good capability in their field of study

Multicultural Experience

Increasing students’ cross-cultural understanding through gaining experience in host countries. Students also can develop cross-cultural skills as they study and stay in the same class with locals

Global Engagement

Enhancing networks in international level through meeting local and international students, lecturers and society. Networks can be gained by involving in academic and non-academic activities in host universities

Career Path

Preparing qualified graduates with experience, knowledge and skills to gain future careers. Learning experience abroad can give more values as important part of students’ equipment for future workplace

I’m willing to go to jail as long as it is with books because books set me free

– Mohammad Hatta, the 1st Indonesian Vice President

Open and dynamic academic exchange plays an important role in preparing Indonesian students with the future-ready mindset, knowledge, and skills they need to succeed. International mobility promoted by IISMA, one of the Emancipated Campus flagship programs, will develop students’ cross-cultural appreciation and understanding, preparing a new generation of global citizens who are ready to contribute to society and the world. A better future starts today with the Emancipated Campus program

– Nadiem Anwar Makariem, Ministry of Education, Culture, Reasearch and Technology

The awards’ coverage

To make the best out of participants` mobility program, they will be granted these following benefits

  • Registration & tuition fee
  • Transportation allowance
  • Settlement and living allowance
  • Health insurance
  • Visa allowance
  • Book allowance
  • PCR tests


To apply for IISMA 2024, you must (be): 

  1. an active students registered at the Higher Education Database (Pangkalan Data Pendidikan Tinggi – PDDIKTI) or those who have not graduated;
  2. an undergraduate student who are currently in the 4th or 6th semester of recognized universities in Indonesia (Perguruan Tinggi Dalam Negeri – PTDN) under The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology; or Diploma 3 students who are currently in the 4th semester and Diploma 4 students who are currently in the 4th or 6th semester of the recognized universities with vocational programs in Indonesia (Perguruan Tinggi Penyelenggara Pendidikan Vokasi – PTPPV) under The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology;
  3. an Indonesian citizen (WNI) currently residing in Indonesia and does not have dual citizenship;
  4. maximum 23 years old on July 1, 2024;
  5. never have taken college leave during undergraduate study (for undergraduate students);
  6. never have participated in an overseas physical mobility/exchange program including: Summer Program, Internship, Exchange, Credit Mobility, Sit-in, Dual/double degree or other credit-bearing program conducted abroad during during your diploma 3, diploma 4, or undergraduate study;
  7. have a cumulative GPA of minimum 3.0 (out of 4.0) proven by latest academic transcript;
  8. submit adequate English proficiency with minimum score:*
    a. Undergraduate students from PTDN:
    i. Achieve a minimum score of TOEFL iBT – 78, IELTS – 6.0, or Duolingo English Test – 100,
    ii. If the English language proficiency requirement at the host university is higher than point i.a above or only accepts a certain type of English language proficiency test, then the language requirement set by the host university will be applied to the applicant,
    b. Vocational students from PTPPV:
    i. Achieve a minimum score of TOEFL iBT – 60, IELTS – 6.0, Duolingo English Test – 95, or TOEIC Listening and Reading Test – 605,
    ii. If the English language proficiency requirement at the host university is higher than point i.b above or only accepts a certain type of English language proficiency test, then the language requirement set by the host university will be applied to the applicant,
    to IISMA’s official institutional code of respective English test*; (check here)
  9. nominated by from PTDN or PTPPV signed by the Head of Study Program;
  10. not receive the living allowance from the other funding/scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology and Indonesian Endowment Fund (Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan – LPDP) during the IISMA Program;
  11. not participating in other Kampus Merdeka programs at the same time as the IISMA Program;
  12. not have participated in more than one (1) Kampus Merdeka Program prior to the IISMA Program;
  13. never have violated the rules, norms, and/or laws applied in Indonesia;
  14. willing to follow the rules and regulations during participating in IISMA

Required Documents

Prepare the required documents below before you apply!
  1. Statement letter signed and sealed (bermeterai) applicant’s parents (Undergraduate | Vocational)
  2. Statement letter signed and sealed (bermeterai) by the head of Department and Head of International Office or other relevant position (Undergraduate | Vocational)
  3. Statement of Recipient of KIP/Bidikmisi Scholarship (click here)*
  4. English proficiency certificate (IELTS/TOEFL-iBT/Duolingo/TOEIC).
  5. Academic transcript (in English)
  6. Recommendation Letter, signed and stamped by Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs. Tips: to get this letter you can apply online by clicking the link with requirement “Statement Letter” (point 2) [APPLY NOW]

steps to apply

  1. Go to and click apply for IISMA undergraduate if you are undergraduate student, OR apply for IISMA vocational if you are vocational student
  2. Register yourself by filling in the form with your active email address, username (create one), and password.
  3. Click “Register” afterward
    If you have registered before, you can immediately login with your account.
  4. Enter your email/username and password and click the Login
  5. This page will show up when you’re successfully logged in, and then click “register now” to continue the registration process
  6. Choose your degree accordingly to continue
  7. Fill and complete the form with personal data correctly
  8. [IMPORTANT] You can start filling the application form from 23 January 2024.
  9. To complete the form, you should upload the supporting documents as instructed
    In the last part, you should answer the essay question as honest and as true as possible
  10. If you would like to save your application half-way, you can click the “Save Draft” button. Please be noted that by clicking the “Save Draft” button, you have not submitted your application yet, and you can still edit your submission
  11. Submission must be completed during the registration period (23 January –  9 February 2024 at 23:59 WIB for Undip students*). Failing to do so, your application will be eliminated. 

Programme Timeline

23 January 2024 : Programme Launching
23 January until 9 February 2024 : Registration / Application
TBC : Assessment
TBC : Succesful candidates announcement
TBC : Pre-departure Briefing
TBC : Departure
TBC : Study Period
    *TBC = To Be Confirmed

Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards


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Contact Person

Mr. Abdul Rohman

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Diponegoro International Office

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